Our Lipid-Infused Whole Spectrum Hemp Capsule is created by a solventless chemical free system of infusing pure organic refined coconut oil with phytonutreint premium organic hemp through an old world recipe of time, temperature, pressure, water and love.

  • Producing the purest 30 lipid-infused whole spectrum hemp capsules on the market that contains 25 mg of cannabinoids in each capsule. .
  • For best results take daily just like with your supplements or vitamins. 
  • This premium lipid-infused organic hemp comes encased in a pure vegan capsule for measuring out your daily cannabinoids.  (1 Month Supply)
  • Take daily and on an as needed basis for help with headaches, anxiety, sleep and temporary pain relief.
Size (Batch Size) 30 Capsules (1,260 g)
Serving Size One Capsule
Ingredients Refined Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract
Phytocannabinoids 750 mg

**This product contains organically grown hemp.  The FDA has not evaluated this product to treat or cure.  All products contain less than 0.3% THC in accordance with the 2018 US Farm Bill.

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20mg lipid infused tablets

Michelle Bagbey on Jul 7th 2020

I'm so happy with the product! One of the best decisions I've made in a long time, great service and fast shipping! I've taken prescription meds for over 15yrs and these have helped me sleep better than I have in 25 yrs! Wake up refreshed and pain free. I recommend all of the Whitt Hemp products.

Cbd capsules

Debbie on Jun 4th 2020

I have been taking these cbd capsules for 2 years. The relax me when I am anxious and help me sleep.